Thursday, May 5, 2011

This piece is done by Haroshi. He uses recycled skateboards for all his art work. He creates different styles with the wood such as wooden mosaics, dots and pixels. This piece is called "Mad Skull" made in 2009. Its made out of thin pieces of recycled skateboards. I'm not sure on the size but it seems to big as big as a soccer ball. I chose this piece because of the style. It's almost has that feel of Chuck Close's paintings. I also like that the skull is sticking his tongue out, as if he is crazy!!

Awesome Colors

The photo was taken by Troy Holden from San Francisco, Ca. He is a photographer that takes pictures of what he says "The American's Dream Metropolis." He has been taking pictures since 2008. The title of this piece is called "I Feel So Down". The medium is paint spray on wall. The size I'm not sure but you can get the gist of it by looking at the photo. The mural uses the sad ghost figure as the focus point. I picked this piece because I like how the colors are dripping down like rain and how the ghost figure isn't in color. It's very nice to look at, hopefully one day i can visit it in person.