Monday, February 28, 2011

Created by Lee Misenheimer. I'm not sure where he is from but I'm guessing New York. This piece was created in either pencil or ball-point pen. He uses great detail and gets his inspiration from Japanese art. I like this piece because it has so much detail and I like how he is eating an ice cream even though he looks very creepy looking.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

 The Polymer Musings of Meredith Dittmar
Created by Meredith Dittmar. She lives in Portland, OR. She has an education in computer science and a career in interactive design. I'm not sure what the title is called but it is made out of polymer clay. In her other works she uses plexiglass, and paint spray. She also uses fiberglass for her bigger pieces. I'm also not to sure on what the size is but it seems pretty big. I picked this art piece because of the big smile on what seems to be a cat. It also looks very cartoony and the design in the back looks very detailed.